in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Well, I am catching up today (Wednesday) on the days I missed, even though I don’t have all the stats for them, because I am absolutely positive I need a record of this six months’ gig for it to work.

Friday (March 18, Day 179) Nanny was sick, mom and dad were in town for family pictures that afternoon, life was crazeh.  Was home with kids, ate packets all day very virtuously, went for dinner at Sonny’s BBQ with whole family after pictures and had pulled pork, salad, sweet potato, and two of my brother’s corn nuggets.  More calories than my usual dinner this week, but I plan to be looser on Friday night.  Did not do any formal exercise.  Weighed in at 294 (down 7.5 from start of challenge).

Saturday (March 19, Day 178).  Parents still here. Had brunch with one of Will’s profs downtown at Flying Biscuit, had veggie scramble (eggs and lots of veggies, no cheese) and about half a cup of their “creamy dreamy grits.”  Packet in middle of day, date night that night, comedy club and Italian food – ate chicken parm and salad.  Too many calories.  But it was a weekend.  No formal exercise.

Sunday (March 20, Day 177).  Parents here till mid day.  Packets all day, even when we all went out for post-church brunch (victory!) and dinner at Outback with friends.  Ate small filet, veggies, about half a sweet potato (no sugar) and a small piece of bread at the end.  Lots of walking/bending/work getting house in shape after mom and dad’s visit, but no work out tape or anything. 

Monday (March 21, Day 176).  Plan was to be strict.  Lasted until associate waived coupon for Flying Biscuit at me, one day only.  Packet for breakfast, BBQ chicken and grits for lunch, packet in afternoon, chicken noodle soup (with dreamfield pasta) for dinner.  Too many calories.  I did do the 1 mile that morning, so that was something. 

Tuesday (March 22, Day 175).  Plan was to be strict.  Did 1 mile that morning and a couple trips around the complex for various reasons.  Ate packets for all meals, but in late afternoon, ate a brownie someone had brought to office.  Then ate pizza for dinner – 3 pieces, so 750 calories.  Ugh.

Wednesday – that’s today.  Since I am back to tracking today, I am giving today it’s own entry.


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