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The Countdown Begins

Yesterday, I had my six month follow up at the sleep clinic.  In the first three months after I got the Vader Mask, I lost about 30 lbs.  Most of that was in the first two months because October is when I started really traveling like crazy.  In the second three months, I lost less than five pounds.  Those numbers are all based on my home scales, though, because the sleep clinic scales broke literally the first visit I had (not by me! but they broke that day!) and weren’t repaired at my second (3 month) visit.  So yesterday’s visit was the first time I actually had a valid weight taken there, and I have nothing to compare it to.

Results of the visit (download of the card in my machine) showed that I am doing really well with the mask – apnea down from once every two seconds to literally less than once per hour (1-5 per hour is normal).  I feel so much better it is incredible.  And so I don’t have to go back for another six months.  But that got me thinking.  How much could I lose between now and the next time I step on their scales in six months?

I was pondering this while I was waiting to complete my co-pay, and then it was time to make the six month appointment.  Six months away is September 15. My birthday is the 13th of September, so that made me really think it would be a cool target for a big loss.  Then I realized it would be my FORTIETH birthday.  Somewhere in all the travel and holidays I forgot about that milestone.

It’s not that 40 is that big of a deal to me.  But I do think it makes sense as a milestone!  So I decided to go hell bent for leather for the next six months and see how far I can get.

Of course, the first thing I did was a spreadsheet. 🙂  I listed the number of days between me and my birthday (182 as of yesterday) and the dates.  Then I created a column for actual weight and actual weight loss.  Then I created a different sheet with the same date information, but some predicted numbers.  Here are the dates by which I would hit my goals, based on different rates of loss:

At the steady rate I had achieved with NO exercise back at the beginning of half a pound per day on average, I would be…

  • Below my immediately post-Boy weight (276) by May 5
  • Below 250 by June 27
  • Below my immediately post-Girl weight (232) by August 1
  • On my birthday, would be 210.5 lbs

That’s awfully close to getting below 200 by my birthday, which would reek of awesome.

Now I have three other things going for me: regular sleep (I didn’t get the mask until almost a month after I started the Noms last time), I’ve lost enough that exercise is feasible, and I have regular PT on my knee (twice per week).  So I went ahead and calculated some dream numbers.  If you want to see TRUE awesome, think about this.

If I can average 5 lbs lost per week, which is about .71 lbs per day (and is the top AVERAGE weight lost for people who stick strictly to the Medifast program, so far from impossible), I would see the following results:

  • Below my immediately post-Boy weight (276) by April 19
  • Below 250 by May 26
  • Below my immediately post-Girl weight (232) by June 19
  • Below 200 by August 4
  • Below 175 by September 9
  • On my birthday, would be 172.5 lbs

And if I want to pie in the sky dream, if I lost about a pound per day (7 per week), I would show the following:

  • Below my immediately post-Boy weight (276) by April 10
  • Below 250 by May 6
  • Below my immediately post-Girl weight (232) by May 23 (around Memorial Day!)
  • Below 200 by June 25
  • Below 175 by July 20
  • Below 150 by August 14
  • Should hit my goal of 125 before my birthday, somewhere around September 9 – in time for my birthday!

So while I will not DESPAIR if I do not hit these very aggressive numbers, I AM going to shoot for them. Thinking of wanting to create a 3500 calorie per day deficit makes me want to move and groove, and NOT eat stupid empty calories after dinner like a glass of wine or too much dressing on my salad. 

And yes, I know that weight loss is not linear.  I am talking about averages.  And yes, I know that 7 lbs a week is huge – not Biggest Loser huge, but VERY fast even on a medically supervised program like the one I am on.  But rest assured, I am being medically supervised, I KNOW I am getting my nutrition in because of the controlled nutrition of the packets, and I don’t see any harm at all in “reaching for the stars” on this one.

So my plan is really the same old plan.  Eat the Noms. Eat the healthy dinner. Move as much as you possibly can.  PT twice a week minimum.  Oh, and one addition.  I heard recently of a study that said people who journal their food (not track calories or anything, just simply write down everything they eat) lose TWICE the weight on average of people who do not bother to journal.  So I will be using the Medifast website and logging my food. It gives me calories, etc. and is super easy because my packaged meals are already programmed in there.  I will see what if any of it I can copy over to here.  And if it is not too much trouble (we shall see) I am planning to list my foods over here every day along with a daily weight.

Wish me luck!


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