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Going Well

A whole pound down this morning, after a hard day at Physical Therapy yesterday.

I really like thinking of this in a 30 pound “chunk” (if you will pardon the pun). I know I can do 30. For one thing, I have already done it. For another, I have done it many times in the past. Yet it is an amount that makes a real and perceptible difference in how I feel and how clothes fit.

This is week 2 of PT on my knees and it is going really well! Most of my problem, it turns out, is related to having uber flexible joints and then so much muscle atrophy in the muscles around the knee during all that bedrest. The exercises I do are to “pull the kneecap” up and out of the fork of the joint and build new tissue there, as well as strengthen all the small and large muscles that do the job of keeping my hyperextending knees in line. I can already tell a difference in how it feels to do stairs, and I can step up on a curb now without acting like I am 1,000 years old. And best of all, I am starting to learn what is OK pain and what I need to “stop if experiencing,” which also helps in the working out on my own department.

So the prescription is, 6 weeks of 3xweek PT, then we will see what the needs are next and I will also probably start with that free trainer thing for a bit.

Excited about being on plan and seeing drops on the scale!


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