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Srsly time

So I have started and stopped a strict “on the wagon” approach to this about 17 times since January. Today, we get serious. Well, actually, YESTERDAY we got srs – right int he middle of Super Bowl weekend. And I am pleased to say I am one half pound down this morning, which seems to be more or less standard if I (a) eat teh Noms all day (which I am very good at); (b) control teh dinner to a “trying to lose not maintain” level (which I have sucked at the last week); and (c) don’t have any snacks (other than a Nom, if I am actually hungry) after the kids are abed (which I got under control last week). So basically, l spent week before last getting off of “real” food lunches and back on the Noms, last week getting my night time eating back under control, and this week I am all about controlled dinner and dropping pounds. I really want to lose five pounds this week. That is doable, though aggressive.

I also was thinking that I am basically 30 lbs down, more or less, depending on the day, and it has made a TREMENDOUS difference in my clothes, the way I feel, the way I can move, everything. So my next goal, which feels very managable, is to do the same thing again. Just repeat what I did in half of August and September. If I do that in February and March, I should be down another 30 lbs. And I am willing to bet that would take me down another whole world of improvement in clothes and energy and moving.

Thirty pounds at 3 lbs per week would be 10 weeks. Ten weeks would put me at April 10 – Spring Break week (well, the week after). Sounds good, yeah? I should be in the middle of warm weather clothes, and can ditch all these “wow I have gotten huge” sweaters for good!


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  1. Go, go, go!! 🙂

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