in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Ho hum

I need inspiration.

I am at that point where the flush of excitement that came with finding “something that actually works!” is gone, and with all the business travel (I’ve been on the road about once a week since October, either with work or a holiday) I have definitely crossed over that mental threshhold from “have to eat the Noms, I paid for ’em” to “can eat the Noms later, right now I want real food to chew.” At the first of January, I was massively into making more progress – that whole “first of the year” energy. Then came a week home in the snow, two weeks of business travel to the frozen north, and way more client meals than I should have indulged in. This morning, I was at 294 (still down a total of 27 lbs). I’m wearing the next smallest size from when I started, and things fit better and look better and I feel much better. Now it is time to take it to the next level.

Some things that should be motivating me are:

1. I get a break from travel, but in the spring I will be going back to Cincy and would love to fly up there WITHOUT needing an extender for the plane flight.

2. Spring clothes. I would love to “ungrow” all of my really big fat winter clothes here at the end of the cold weather (whether that’s now or six weeks from now) so that I can GET RID OF THEM and have the serene, peaceful feeling of empty closets and drawers. When spring arrives, I can try on the ones I have from last year, pitch the big giant winter ones and any spring/summer ones that are too big, and assess what I actually need that will shrink with me.

3. Physical Therapy. Started it yesterday, now have a good understanding of what was happening with my knee. I have always had VERY loose joints. Not quite freak show loose, but almost. And after pregnancy (with its accompanying relaxin hormones) and a year of bed rest and atrophy of my smaller muscles, my kneecap was basically free to float around every which way. Gross, huh? So when I walked on the treadmill, it would slide up or down and then GRIND until it went back to where it belonged. (VERY gross. Sorry.) So two things we are doing: 3 x a week I have PT for the next six, which consists of strengthening excercises and time on the recumbant STAIR STEPPER (wild, I have never seen one) all designed to wake up and rejuvenate my muscles surrounding the knee so that I can do weight bearing work without injury.

The good news on that is, no permanent damages appears to have been done and the PT dude thinks I will make very fast gains because I am otherwise strong and have a high pain tolerance. It also makes me feel better that I was right – the pain I was experiencing was not normal “work through it” pain, it was “stop hurting yourself” pain. I was afraid I was just being lazy and not pushing myself enough, but it turns out I was right to be concerned, so that’s a relief. (Not to mention, it’s a relief that I am not going to have to “push through” that kind of pain to get better — sure, the PT hurts, but not like that, and even after 15 minutes of “climbing” and 15 minutes of muscle isolation, I had NO pain last night or this morning other than your standard muscle soreness after a work out – and that’s a really welcome change!)

4. My husband is talking about taking a long weekend and running away together, perhaps on our first cruise, to celebrate our 20th anniversary of our first date (which is on Feb 9). That’s incentive right there to be smaller, yes?!

5. As the weather gets better, opportunities to play with the kids increase. It would be awesome to be able to do that this year instead of tearing up with pain when I spend more than a few minutes on my feet!

5. If losing the first 30 lbs made me feel and look THIS much better, what will another 100 do for me? 🙂

OK, I’m feeling better. I need to keep those goals IN MIND and get focused. Any suggestions on how you get motivated/focused? I can use all the inspiration I can get!

Which reminds me, what I really want is to photoshop a picture of my face on a thin body so I can really get that image programmed into my head! Anyone know how to do that?


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