in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Starting Fresh, Take II

So I was all set to start fresh two Mondays ago. Holiday weight even off, launching into new year, blah blah. Then we got what we will doubtless tell our grandchildren was the “Blizzard of 2011″ (6” of snow and another 1.5 of ice on top of that, all within 24 hours, incredibly unusual in our southeastern city!) and… chaos. I did pretty well eating Noms all day while we were housebound (literally) for five days, but my neighbors and I in our little cul de sac set up round robin dinners, in order to try and keep from going stir crazy. So I had pizza, wine, you name it – whatever the host was serving that evening. It was fun. It was not the healthiest ever, but I am totally OK with that. Also had some snow cream I made for my kids (neato! second opportunity to really make it in my LIFE TIME!) and with the ice, it wasn’t fun to play outside so we really didn’t move around much.

Net damage was actually more than holidays, although that is likely also tied to the fact that I am now PMSy and bloated, so I will reserve judgment a week or two.

In any case, today is MLK and my oldest is out of school, but we are otherwise back to normal. We have ALL missed normal – we haven’t seen it since about Thanksgiving. I have business travel this week and next, but I am still on the get strict bandwagon!

Stay tuned. I am srs about this. 🙂


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