in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

One down…

Well, one of my two holiday pounds is gone (yay) and I am attacking another one today. Nomnomnom. 😉

I just realized this morning that I had not shared with either of you (snort) the many Annibearsaries of Significance that are coming up for me and which doubtless should form the basis of my goals for this year.

In February (the 9th, to be specific), DH and I celebrate the TWENTIETH anniversary of our first date. How will we celebrate it? I have no idea. BUT I do know that by the TIME we celebrate it, I hope to be another 10 lbs lighter. That would put me firmly in the 280s and make me berra happy.

Then in May (the 12th) we celebrate the TENTH anniversary of our wedding. Yes, the story of our courtship was not a straighforward one. Still, it seems like just a little bit ago that I was shopping for a 10th anniversary (of first date) gift and getting ready for the wedding. Jeepers. Since this one is in MAY, I am not sure what my goal for then should be.

Then in SEPTEMBER (the 13th) I will be FORTY years old. Yowza. And I DO have a goal for that date, but I am not ready to quite ready to say it out loud yet. 🙂 We’ll see how January works out and go from there.


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