in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Heaven Eleven

No, seriously. I am so thankful to see the hindquarters of 2010 slinking off into the distance, I cannot tell you. Frankly, it was better than its outright evil sibling, 2009. But 2010 was not kind.

By contrast, 2011 looks all charming and flirtatious. Every year we throw a new year’s eve party, we have only missed two in the last 19 years – one for the birth of my son (4 weeks before the advent of 2009) and once when my cousin had the bad taste to get married on NYE in a different state (which was also the same year my daughter was not yet a year old, so it worked out). The 2010 Edition was “low key” (to put it nicely) – I had been on bedrest after son for most of the year, and was really struggling to do even minor things. This year, the party was much larger (even had tons of food left over!) and I was even able to kind of enjoy it when all the work was done. Best of all, kids are both big enough that they slept until almost 9:30, and since it was a Saturday, I didn’t have to roust them out for church or anything. We had the nicest new year’s day as a family – lazy morning, late lunch out, nap for toddler while mommy and sister went to bookstore and grocery store, then our second “family fun night” (we are shooting for one per month since December) in which we made homemade pizzas (well, DH and daughter made them) and watched “Despicable Me.” Then cuddly evening with the husband. Life is very good.

On the shrinkin front, I have eaten all “real” food for about 2 weeks, including desserts from time to time, and gained only 2 lbs. For me, this is fantastic! As of NY Day, I have been hauling myself back on the wagon. I had packets all day NYD, but indulged in pizza for dinner (homemade, veggies, actually pretty healthy but not low carb). I had a patty melt after church yesterday with friends, which was not low calorie either, but that is my usual “weekend” routine (to have more indulgent meals for my one “normal” meal of the day).

Today, I am full steam ahead and very happy to be back to normal, work and all.

My goals seem like an appropriate thing to revisit here in January, don’t they? And yet, I really feel like I did well enough over the holidays that I am not “starting over,” more like “unpausing” my weight loss efforts. But setting some goals is also a good idea, to keep me focused, so here goes:

This month, I want to be completely on my Noms eating plan all month (with weekend variants as described). I have about 10 sessions for “free” with a personal trainer (bartering thing), and I want to have those scheduled before the end of the month. I am thinking to use one a week and do another couple of work outs on my own each week at the gym, and possibly more at home in the mornings now that I actually get sleep.

I would like to be at 250 by my daughter’s birthday, which is end of March. That’s ambitious but doable. That would “turn back the clock” to where I was when I got pregnant with my son, which seems fitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

In terms of behavior goals, I feel like my plan is still sound: eat the Noms, get sleep. The Noms means packets four times per day at least, one “lean & green” meal (usually dinner at home with fam) and either a glass of wine or a fifth Nom packet at night. And I am making it a goal to have a glass of wine no more than two times per week for now.

This is all complicated at present by my giant nasty congestion, but I am sure that is temporary. So one goal is to ditch the illness before it becomes another bout of pneumonia.

Happy Heaven Eleven, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


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