in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Thanksgiving was fun – no turkey at all (which I do NOT care for) – one dinner with mom’s family where we did Southern Breakfast foods, one with my immediate family where we did BBQ.  I think because everyone BUT my little family had a million other celebrations, and all of them featuring turkey. Plus, since DH and I both are not fans of teh gobblerz, it was more than OK with me!  I did indulge in game day candy (big rivalry game at mom’s house on Friday!) and came back about 4 lbs heavier than I left.  That’s all gone now, and I am on the way to actual progress. I want to be down another 5-6 before Christmas so that I have some cushion!

Foot much better, ankle much better.  Cold here, which always puts me in a really good mood.  Not much to report – avoided all the candy/cupcakes/cake associated with Son’s 2nd birthday this week (yay me!) and continue to not be perfect by enjoying a glass of wine occasionally at night. One glass, red. Good old antioxidants, right?  About 70 calories, so i have that in place of my last Nom packet of the day and seem to be doing OK with losing anyway.  Now that it is so cold, I will be having the Nom packet that is hot chocolate instead, at least once, to see if it keeps me awake!  As my body weight drops, I have a harder time predicting how caffeine will affect me.

Similarly, alcohol can surprise me – last night, I had only about half a glass left in the open bottle.  I had that and then was up for a good bit longer, and decided to open another bottle and have another half glass.  DH poured for me, and poured more than my usual “half” would be, so I had probably what I would call another glass, almost.  When I stood up to climb the stairs, I discovered that even though I have a lot of weight to lose still, I am a lightweight in at least ONE respect. Ha!

Have a great weekend!


Comments on: "This Isn’t What I Meant By Wanting To Be A “Lightweight”" (1)

  1. Well done to you!

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