in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Pre-TG purge :)

Happiness is finding a way of eating that you actually MISS when you deviate from it. 🙂

I took my kids to my mom for the week (5 yo is out of school all week, they love playing at my parents’ house and there is a HUGE clan of people to play with them and make much of them).  Spent weekend reliving “when we used to be able to date” with DH.  Friday night, I got back from taking the kids to mom about 9:00.  Relaxed in front of TV with volume UP and a glass of wine. 🙂  Saturday, we set no alarm – amazzzzzzzzzing – and then helped a friend move.  Then I worked and he studied, and Saturday NIGHT (not evening!) we went to a BBQ place we kept hearing about but couldn’t venture to because it is 45 min away in the city, and kids are not great with that kind of trip (especially 2 year olds) and we had no idea the high chair situation, etc.  So we had a great dinner (it was YUMMY!) and then went to a comedy club where they do improv, “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” style, which was a BLAST.  Dragged ourselves home about 2:00, got up at 7:00 because we were two of the four worship team singers yesterday (timing is everything).  Then after church was all about studying (for him) and Project House Recovery for me, along with a pedicure with a friend as a reward for getting the house back in order and the laundry (mostly) done.  Before I went to bed, the laundry was all put away and the house was ready for the Raiders (that’s what my daughter calls the maid service – she has no idea how funny that is) to make it shiny and smell nice.

The plan for the week is to work frantically by day (I have a big deadline the Monday after TG) while DH is home studying.  He is off this week, except for spotty call ins for his office.  Then by night, I am going to get the Christmas stuff up so that when we get home, everything is ready for the holidays.  Well, at least the HOUSE is ready for the holidays. 🙂  The shopping likely will NOT be finished, but I am making steady headway.

All of which is to say (to get back to the theme of this blog) that I very deliberately took a weekend to eat whatever I wanted in restaurants with DH.  Here is what I learned:

1. My tummy is MUCH smaller now.  I only want about 1/3 the food I used to eat.  And when I say “only want” I mean I actually found eating  a couple more bites to be majorly unpleasant. I stopped doing that after the first meal and suddenly was eating more like 1/4 of my old amounts – about 1/4 of the portions served in restaurants.

2. I feel SO much better eating the little 100 calorie meals every 3 hours or so than I do eating a bigger meal every 4-5.  As in, my body was just draggy and unhappy with me most of the weekend. 

So I am very pleased with my little experiment.  I ate more calories and some foods I would normally not indulge in (like mac and cheese at the BBQ place!) but in relatively tiny increments.  And I am now ready/eager/happy to be back on the Noms plan.  I fully expect to deviate a bit for TG meals with my family (we have 3 of those) but now I am inclined to make those one meal deviations and stay on track with my Noms the rest of the day.

And between now and Thursday, I am really battening down the hatches – with a lot of enthusiasm!

Oh and in other progress news, I found a pair of jeans in my drawer this weekend that I had forgotten about.  Too small last year, very roomy now, so I will get max wear out of them before they become way too big. 🙂  They are nice dark wash with nice straight (not tapered) legs, so I am very happy to add them to the holiday rotation!


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