in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Real Life continues to run over my head – I have oodles of IRL meetings out of town this month and early next that are really cutting into my “free” time.  Most of my extra computer time has gone to editing stuffs for my WBFF (Writing Best Friend Forever) or trying to keep semi caught up on everyone ELSE’S blogs. 

So first, a brief update.  I hit the 30 lbs down mark early this week thanks to the (temporary) end of hormone hell.  (YAY).  I am wearing pants that were too tight in the spring (like, April) and they are loose.  I can wear my jeans from pre-Boy (that I haven’t been into since earrrrrly 2008).  As of today I am in my new bra, a 36J (yes, they make a J, if you special order from real bra places), and it fits snugly but not too tight – and threw out the 40JJ I had before that was giving me back aches because it was too big and so offered no support.  I have delivered my nearly brand new suits to the tailor for alteration – more than 4 inches coming out of the middle.  I am looking forward to hitting 276 sometime in the next 30 days and being back where I was immediately after Boy was born – hopefully ahead of December 1, which is his second birthday.  I am eager to run time back even further!

Second, a comment: what is great about what I am doing right now is that I feel it is completely sustainable.  I am not perfect – and I am sure I would lose faster if I WERE perfect, or at least MORE perfect.  I still stray occasionally into something with carb count at my “lean and green” meal.  I still have the occasional glass of empty calories (also known as wine) at night, usually on the one night a week that I get to sit down with my hubs and just visit.  I don’t stress about these things, either.  Because I know that I am still creating a calorie deficit and that I will STILL lose.  Even if it was just 5 lbs a month, I am going the right direction.  That would be 60 lbs by the next fall and I would be down almost 100 overall.  I can live with that.

More importantly? I FEEL good about this.  I am not hypercrazyfocused on “must get skinny” and I am not sorely tempted and thinking every moment of the various parades of goodies I keep hearing about this time of year. (Pumpkin Spice anything sounds awesome to me in general, but it is not worth giving up my calorie deficit for!)  So I keep chugging along feeling like I can totally do this – that shrinkage is inevitable.  It is a nice place to be.

Third, some daydreaming.  Part of my computer time getting sucked up by blogs is that I have several friends who are triathletes just finishing their season – in two cases, by racing KONA in Hawaii, the Ironman World Championships!  Another friend just finished her first Ironman – 140.2 miles of amazing.  I read their race reports and vaccillate between being wildly jealous and thinking no WAY I want to do that.  But it feels, for the first time in years, like competitive sport is something I could actually do.

I want to be able to wear a racing skirt.  Those things are stinkin cute for exercise. Where were they when I was running before?  I want to be able to log my MILES weekly.  I want the feel of WIND in my face as I fly along.  I want the thump of my feet on the pavement to travel pleasantly through my body and rebound to send me springing up on the next step.  As Tigger would say, I want my bounce back.

So I am spending a lot of time thinking that this winter I will shrink –  I will shrink and shrink and shrink, and I will work on recovering my muscles.  I will lift weights and I will reacquaint myself with Pilates.  I will bellydance.  And I will dream of the spring, and of a day when I put on my running skirt and my shoes that are special and just for running and go for a brilliant jog that opens my mind and relaxes my body.


Comments on: "Shrinkin Kitteh Iz Still Shrinkin" (1)

  1. Hey! Haven’t heard from you in a while and I wanted to see how it was going with the Reformer! (Every time I say/think “reformer” i think of that godawful Informer song by Snow /lol) You must be working up some killer ab muscles by now! 🙂

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