in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Any day now, I should start coming back down and losing the water weight.  Then we’ll see if these days have paid off!

I had a great thought early last week – turns out sneakers are not good indefinitely.  🙂  In my younger running days, I ran out of doors only (I never even stepped on a treadmill till I was teaching in my midtwenties) and my shoes LOOKED beat up long before they were ever too bad off on the insides.  Now that I am a gym based creature, my shoes can stay pristine on the outside for literally years.

So I was thinking – the shoes I wore for my treadmill test run a week or so ago were the same New Balance ones I used all spring – that was early February to end of May, 3-5 times per week at the gym PLUS I wore them all day every day to try and keep my feet and legs usable.  I’ve been reading Run Like A Mother (great book!! Makes me CRAZY to get back to running though!) and one of the things the Running Mommies note is that shoes are good for between 3 and 6 months, depending on mileage and your weight.  Well, my mileage on those shoes is “all that I did” and my weight is… well, you know my weight, so you will trust me when trust me when I say that the Running Mamas did not even have me in mind when they wrote that book.  😉  So I wore them daily for 4 months – I am willing to bet that they are just busted.

So as a test, I wore them all day one day last week.  Sure enough, by the end of the day my feet and knee (but especially my feet) were killing me. 

This is actually good news!  Maybe when I get new sneaks, I will be able to get back on the treadmill!  I am certainly going to do a test run, that’s for sure!

Meanwhile, real life has me traveling a lot this week and then again week after next, then again at the end of the month.  So it may be mid month before I get to do another mileage test with new sneakers anyway – but I am hopeful that this could be the solution!

My husband is also about to start back to running, so I think we are going to carve out some time to go to Big Peach Running Co. and get fitted properly this time.  I am so excited!


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