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Gym is (temporarily) a no go

After my 1 miler on the treadmill, I found myself right back to where I was before losing this weight – sore, miserable, and unable to function much at night from pain. I took about 1600 mg of Ibuprofen that first day and another 800 last night to sleep.

It isn’t muscle soreness – although I had some of that. This is foot pain (from the plantar fasciitis) and joint pain (from old injury to knee). I have given it a couple days to heal (and I am pleased to report that it IS healing up – thank you, DVM!) but that is going super slow and in the meantime I am not able to be active through the day and evening like I was, and that depresses shrinkin kitteh more than she can ‘spress.

So Gym Test 1 is a no-go – I won’t say failure – and I am going to stick with non weight bearing stuff until I lose another 20 lbs or so. Basically, I do not think my 5’0″ frame is built to carry this much weight around, and I am HURTING MYSELF when I do it as agressively as is required by a timed gym workout. So I talked it over with DH and he agrees – pushing ahead on that would be counterproductive to teh overall shrinkage planz. 🙂

My current strategy is to heal up (which I believe i can accomplish by the end of this weekend) and next week try to launch Operation Pilates down in my own basement, where I have a perfectly lovely Reformer. Might as well build muskles while I lose these next 20 lbs or so!


Comments on: "Gym is (temporarily) a no go" (1)

  1. Well that stinks. When you dig the reformer out, you are going to have to show me how it works!

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