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Workout Report the First

Well, I did it.  I may die from it, but I did 1 mile today on the treadmill before work.

I was right about two things.  First, that it was easier/better/more motivating to focus on the distance rather than the time.  If I say I am going to do 15 min (or 20 or whatever) I have no motivation to push myself to go faster (other than the inherent desire to burn more calories/get in shape, which is enough to get me onto the treadmill but is hard to focus on while actually huffing and sweating.) 🙂  When I have to go 1 mile, regardless of how fast I do it, I WANT to go as fast as possible.  This is counterbalanced by my desire to not die. 😉 

I was also right in that I will have to build up to the 15 minute mile (that’s 4.0 per hour for you fellow treadmill users) that used to be my norm.  I would just as soon have been wrong about that.  Oh well. 

My heart rate (HR) when I started was at 116 – up some already from the walk from the locker room to the treadmill and from climbing up on the treadmill platform and treadmill, etc.  Sad, yes.  I know.  Then today’s mile plus cooldown took 25 minutes.  The first .2 I did at a 3.5 pace.  That took my HR to 174.  According to the numbers on the treadmill itself, I will be in fat burning range at 116 and at cardio improvement at 154, but that’s just based on age.  In any event, that seemed high so I backed the numbers down a bit and did most of the walk between 2.5 and 3.2 speed, with my HR staying around 150.  Then I cooled down for another 2.5 minutes, which took me down to about 132.  (I am recording all of this for comparison purposes – I am curious to see how long it takes to improve my cardio health!)

Summary is, in 25 minutes I walked 1.1 miles and burned 170 calories – that’s almost my first two packets of Noms. 🙂

And my face stayed BRIGHT BEET red until 10:30 (long after my HR was behaving itself), and is still a bit flushed here at almost 11 – which is good because that is what trainers call the “fat burning flush” that you get all over when you are burning fat for energy.  So YAY!

My feet and knees are informing me that I did something unusual, but I am not dying, at least not yet.

Tomorrow, another mile.  Thursday is my day to take the Son to MMO, so no gym.  Friday, another mile.  And Saturday I need to do a mile at home (or sneak in a gym run) to make up for missing Monday, since I am doing 4 x week at the moment.

I’m pleased because (a) I did it; (b) I have some measurable data to play with (creating a spreadsheet as soon as I get off of here :)); and (c) I burned nearly 200 calories!

Oh, and I am down another .5 lbs.   So overall? Great day so far.


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