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Whyz workin now more bettur?

As I told you Friday, I have some theories on why my loss has been stable and steady in the right direction the last couple weeks. (By the way – 23 down in all now! Yay!)

First and most boringly, I am not currently full of teh PMS and bloating.  For 2 weeks of the month I can count on fairly “normal” body weight – and by normal, I mean predictable.  The other two weeks? things can be weird and crazy.

But I am utilizing my 2 normal weeks better this time than in the previous months!!  So here’s what I have learned that I think is helping.

First, I am getting regular sleep.  Not just with the DVM – I am actually trying to get to bed earlier.  That was actually implemented because I needed to get up earlier and mornings were the suck.  But I think in retrospect that extra hour or so in bed in the evening is helping me have more energy all day long.  That makes me want to keep doing it.

Second, as previously noted, I started counting teh caloriez.  Well, not literally.  But I cut out cream in the coffee, a more “open” approach to dinners, and any extra “bites” of things.  Tightening up the calories probably took me down a good 100-200 calories per day.  At least.

Third, relating to 1, I have been able to keep going much longer now.  Instead of collapsing at every opportunity in the evenings, I have been moving – again, partly because mornings were the suck and I wanted to have stuff done the night before, but also because I am just plain feeling better.  Which is probably a combination of having 20+ pounds off of my joints and having more sleep (and the DVM of course – as my body catches up on REM and S3 sleep that is having a truly profound affect – which is probably Fourth.)

Those are my thoughts. 

This weekend, Son REFUSED to sleep.  By Sunday it was so bad he wouldn’t even nap.  I am attributing it to 2 year molars.  Last night was better – I was up with him at 11:15 (well, I really hadn’t gone to sleep that time) and again at 2:00, but I was back in bed in 20 min or so.  But I was so tired from the weekend that I slept in this morning a bit and took Daughter to school late.  I guess now that I am getting sleep, I turning into one of those people who don’t compromise easily on getting their X hours.  In my case, that was always 4 or more hours per night (in a row).  Less than that, and I might as well not bother to go to bed.  (That is why I THOUGHT I was so tired, parenthood took that right out of me.)  But now that I see what 6-7 hours does for my overall health and weight loss?  I am wanting 8 hours a night to see what happens!!  🙂


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  1. You are doing so well!

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