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Exermacize Plans

I was thinking about exercise goals, as I get ready to start my work out program next week.  I have a lot of friends who are triathletes or marathoners or both.  I personally LOVE to run, used to do it for stress relief and really miss it.  But it has been years since I was able to do it – even when I have been relatively fit, I was too heavy to have my knees absorb that kind of pounding. 

What I WANT to do is be a runner again.  Not sure that is wise to start out of the gate, but that does inform my choices as to what I will do in the gym in the coming weeks.

Right now I am thinking that I will go shoot to go 4 days a week, with a minimum of 3 (to allow for the weeks, like this one, where I have boy drop off AND an early morning appointment). 

My plan is to focus this time on DISTANCE rather than TIME.  I am going to start by doing a mile each time on the treadmill, and I am going to stick with that until I can get my mile under 15 minutes.  (Sad to say, that may take a while – not sure, but with the wounded knee I was NOT going fast).  I think that the fact that I get to quit when I have hit a mile is GREAT incentive for me personally to do the mile as fast as I can physically tolerate.  When I have a time goal, I tend to slack. 

After I get my time under 15 min (or right at it), I am going to start adding .25 miles to one workout a week until I am doing 1.25 for all three/four of them.

Then I will add another quarter mile, until they are all halves. And so on.

Meanwhile, while I still have the incentive to do it as fast as I can because (a) that’s more fun; and (b) I will be done sooner and can MOVE ON to something else, which I think is the first reason I favor running over walking for exercise. 

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

I’m thinking that by the time I am up to 3 miles or so, I may add in weights 2 days a week also – upper body and lower body days.  But I want to get that cardio fitness going first.  First, it will have the most impact on my daily stamina, especially chasing babies on the weekend.  Second, it will speed up my weight loss.

By the way? That’s going very well.  I am losing a steady half pound per day – which is the smallest unit my scale measures.  If I can keep that up (or better), I hit my new big decade next Tuesday.  🙂  🙂  🙂


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