in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Steady on

Down another half pound this morning, keeping my running average on a nice steady downward trend.

I think I am about ready to try exercise again.  I was ruthless with the exercise back in Jan/Feb/March when we started this getting healthy thing.  Joined gym, went 5 days a week, injured myself at least once a week.  Grr.  Told by doctor that I could keep going but not to increase amounts of cardio or lift weights till some of the weight was off my joints. Fabulous.  What I didn’t know at the time is that since I wasn’t getting any actual S3 sleep, my body wasn’t rebuilding the muscles I tore down exercising.  So all that muscle tearing was cumulative and that’s why I was so injury prone.

With the advent of the DVM, I think I will be able to actually REPAIR muscles – which is of course what BUILDS them.  So I will get the benefit of burning extra calories, the more subtle benefit of the increased metabolism all day long, and the most subtle benefit of all – the building of muscle that leads to a higher resting metabolic rate.  All very good.

Also, when I am working out regularly I am more optimistic overall. I am more happier. 🙂  I feel like I have accomplished something.  I think it is those endorphin thingamawachies, but whatever it is, it works for me.

So I was planning to lose about 30 lbs before I tried working out again, but (a) I didn’t know about the sleep deprivation issue and how that was part of the injury problem, not just the weight; and (b) I already feel a lot better than I expected to feel then. 

This week, I have to drop off my son at his first MMO on Tuesday (today) and Thursday, and tomorrow is my sleep clinic check up at 8:00 am,  but starting next week I will have his drop off only one day per week and no doctor’s appointments and I think I am going to hit the gym after dropping off my girl.  I was doing that all of last spring and it worked great, and that was when I dropped her at 9:00 rather than at 8:15 like this year. (Kindergarten starts earlier than PreK).  So I should be to the gym by 8:30, and probably to work by 9:30 given the amount of abuse I will be able to tolerate in the beginning.  I am getting excited about it!


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