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Persistence Pays

Well, today is my 39th birthday.  It seems like I should have something profound to say, on the first day of my last year in the 30s.  So I will give a stab at articulating something I should have learned back in, say, my teens.  Persistence = good.

Now I can be as stubborn as the next gal.  But in the war of persisting, I am dogged by a way more than healthy dose of impatience.  All modesty aside, lots of things come easy for me.  If something doesn’t, I tend to say “Oh well, I’ll go do something ELSE, something that DOES come easy for me.”  But that is in fact not a good choice for things where there really are no easy analogs, like getting in shape.   Staying in shape is relatively easy.  Getting in shape?  That sucks.  And for the last couple of years I have been getting less and less in shape due to a host of medical stuff beyond my control, and then getting THE ANGREHS! that i have to GET in shape – how unfair! – when I did not “enjoy” the getting out of shape process.  Yeah, I know.  Very mature.

So I am over that, at least most of the time.  Doesn’t really matter how I got here, doesn’t really matter what I have to do to be healthy and trim.  Just matters that I do it, and do it consistently.

So as I posted before, I was REALLY put out by the gain after my weekend of fun, even though SUPPOSEDLY I was mentally prepared for it.  I guess somewhere not too deep down I was hoping that even though I was romping all over the calories in the evenings, all that movement would make up for it and I would lose anyway.  Well, I am sure the movement helped, because the gain was relatively minor.  The problem (as I may have said) was that it put me squarely back into territory I had been in before.  I really wanted – NEEDED – to feel like I was making progress.

In a remarkable (for me) display of maturity, I countered that feeling by knuckling down and going back to the Plan instead of ramping up and “pout eating,” a new phrase I have just invented but which perfectly describes that clever shooting myself in the foot thing I do when I get mad at not losing fast enough/not losing/gaining weight.  And (get ready for this) it ACTUALLY WORKED!

As of this morning, I am down 19.5 lbs, to a record low I haven’t seen in a year.  YAY!! 

Best of all, I can tell it in my body as well.  My clothes are looser.  My outlines are getting smoother.  And my skin is starting to feel a bit loose too, which is something that comes and goes with me when I lose weight, and usually shows up as a big loss shortly thereafter.

So I have another 25 lbs or so to go to get to my first goal.  And only another 1.5 to change that front number by 1 – yay!! 

I have friends also on this journey to health (hi, y’all, if you are reading!) – there were four of us who started out working together in January.  We have all been quite successful, but in totally different ways.  One friend created her own routine and does not deviate – very Me, actually, except that she actually posts about it and I just started this blog. 🙂  Up till now, my “posting” was just as religious but was on a paper journal at my house.  And of course, I spent the first half of the year struggling with the not-eating/working out/not really losing, which can I just tell you SUCKS?  So I started this blog just as I started to actually see results, and that’s a good thing.  Another friend embraced the “healthy goals” concept and was really regular about posting for a while but has drifted away – hoping she gets back to posting soon!  She has made VAST improvements in the way she eats and the way she feeds her whole family, and along the way has lost some weight, too.  The fourth one is a total non-poster, but she has ALSO made great strides just improving her habits.  I think overall, friend 1 is down about 26 lbs, Friend 3 is down 23 lbs, and I am down about 20 lbs – so that’s a total of 69 lbs we have burned away this year so far, plus however many Friend 2 has lost (I don’t think she weighs). Yay us! 

This is actually more of a rambling post than I intended.  That’s what you get if I try to be profound.  But where I was going is, I have REALLY liked having the support of friends but DIFFERENT plans and methods, each of us doing whatever worked best for us.  And I feel like that, along with my Noms and my DVM, is why I will be able to ring in my next decade next year at a much smaller size!

Oh, on the goal front.  Somewhere around 125-130.  That’s the real goal.  And I am going to see it by age 40.


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  1. Woohoo! Woot on losing and new good habits!

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