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Calories: I counts tehm.

Had a bit of an epiphany on this whole “will I never lose this weight” drama that my inner Diva wanted to play out in my head. You know, the one Ruby has that I was complaining about yesterday?

So here is my revelation.  Teh Maths Don’t Lie.  That is, if I take in FEWER calories than I USE, I WILL lose weight.  The bigger that delta, the faster I will lose.

OK, admittedly, this is not really news, and I even already had this revelation.  Last time, it was followed by several years of unhappiness until I learned the collorary to that rule, which is All Calories Are Not Created Equal in terms of nutrition, how they make me feel, how fast I can burn ’em off, and how lonely they make me for more calories.  But I just realized that knowing that collorary as I now do – I can spot the Good Calorie from a mile away – I had kinda lost track of the Big Kahuna of rules.  Even if you pick all GOOD calories, if you eat as many or more good calories than you USE, you will NOT lose weight.  And if you USE more, you will.  Hmmm.

Here’s an example.  I drink coffee every morning – one travel cup worth.  It is nommy and makes my breakfast into a treaty delight, no matter what nom I have to go with.  My dear darling husband makes the coffee every morning, in a fancy pants coffee pot that grinds its own beans that he bought me for my birthday years ago, using these most amazing beans that we both adore.  I love that stuff.  I love it black.  I love it sweetened or unsweeted, whitened or unwhitened.  My favorite way to drink it is unsweetened but with a dollop of heavy whipping cream.  As a calorie goes, a HWC calorie is a good guy.  It has fat, yes, but it digests sllloooowly, makes my breakfast last a lot longer than it otherwise would, cools my coffee nicely to facilitate more instanter gratification, and turns a cup of coffee into a truly sinful indulgence.  It’s low carb.  It is a treat that does NOT cause me to crave MORE treats, because it is more or less inert to my sensitive insulin producing self.  But you know what? I shudder to contemplate this, but there are SO MANY of those good little calories in a single tiny dollop of HWC!!!  Like, almost a whole extra noms packet worth. More if I am overly generous. 

So this morning, I had my coffee black.  I savored it, it was great.  It took a few minutes to cool, yes, but nothing horrid.  And I saved about 150 calories or MORE.  Calories I now do NOT have to “use” today in order to get to another pound down.

Cool, huh?

And if I just keep doing this – cutting out these little calories, the ones that are all fine and good for me but are ADDING THE HECK UP, I should lose.  And lose faster. 

Welcome back, Mr. Optimism!  So nice to see you!


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