in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff


To make a long story short, I gave my dad a week of the Noms I eat, neatly divided into daily bags, labeled and ready for him to try this diet.  He tried it yesterday and came home, hating it.  He will try again, when things are not so stressful at work.

This got me thinking.  Is this EASY, what I am doing? Yes, and no.  Yes – I don’t have to really DO anything, plan anything, think about anything much at all.  No – I have to NOT do things that I would like to do – namely, eat things OTHER than Noms, eat things off plan at dinner.  It isn’t difficult to understand or execute.  But it really is an exercise in an old fashioned word: discipline.

I like to think of myself as VERY disciplined.  (Who doesn’t, really?) When I was younger, it was very common for me to “make myself do one more” of something  I was finding unpleasant, just to show myself who is really boss around here.  But as I got older, I did less and less of that kind of thing.  I tend to think of that process as mellowing and becoming less and less…. well, anal.  Driven.  Unhealthy.  But the more blogs  I read from my athletic friends, the more I realize that they just plain EMBRACE that sort of personal discipline.  One more minute/mile/lap – if for no other reason than because you WANT to quit!

To be honest, the time I am struggling the most is (as I said yesterday) when I am supposed to sit down and eat a normal meal.  I struggle with not having too much, with not adding calories by condiments, with not having “just a bite” of whatever carby thing I am serving the others.

I told you some practical ways that I am addressing this.  Today, I had a delicious lunch out with DH and a friend at sushi – salad and sashimi, nomnomnom! – and tonight I will have one of my Noms when the family eats, which actually seems to avoid problems for me.  And I also address it with a lot of self talk about how I WANT to eat strictly and healthily.  But I am intrigued with the idea of also adding in old fashioned discipline into that process.  There really is a feeling of accomplishment when you make a decision and stick with it.  I want to feel that feeling more often.


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