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Tweakin the Plan

I’m losing, and that’s great.  But I am struggling with that “lean and green” thing at night.  It is really harder than it should be to feed two kids and a nanny (who eats with us most nights) foods that they like and still eat L&G myself. I am at my weakest, willpower wise, at that point because I am hungry and due for a meal. I am not consistently making the best choice, especially if we eat out.  So here are my thoughts on fixing that:

1.  Make sure I eat my last mini meal pretty close to dinner – maybe reduce time from 3 to 2 hours between.  That’s easy enough, since I am still struggling to get in that last mini meal.

2.  Make sure minimeal before L&G is something crunchy, or a bar, not soup or shake.  Just to make sure I have “chewed” recently. 🙂

3.  A couple times a week, have a big green salad for lunch and just have another minimeal when the fam eats.  That will help a lot.

4.  Try to keep from eating out so much.  With the start of school and a big out of town trip last weekend (where we literally left before COB Friday and returned about 11:00 pm on Sunday) I have succuumbed to the eating out bug too often, and restaurant food is rarely L&G, even if you get the salad.  Plus we tend to go Italian.  🙂  I think that will be better reserved for weekend meals, as a weekend treat.  (The eating out, that is.)

5.  Start my exercise program.  That will speed up the weight loss, which in turn is motivating. 

I have a weekend getaway with the Hubs planned for this weekend, one that we do every year on Labor Day.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Earl is threatening the Right Coast where my inlaws live and we just lost our weekend babysitters.  Trying to correct that with pinch hitting from my parents, but very up in the air.  We’ll see.  Have to decide by COB today or will be stuck paying for hotel we won’t be able to use, so at least we won’t be in limbo for long.

Assuming we get to go, I actually think this year’s getaway will be easier than usual for me as far as eating goes – usually I have to struggle to get food while we are there becuase we are all so busy and on different schedules, and all the running around makes my blood sugar wonky.  This time, I will have it all nicely packed and in my bag.  YAY!  Just one meal to eat out with folks each day, and usually we have at least one “nice” meal where it will be relatively easy to L&G it.

Of course, this is HWFH for me (Hormonal Week From Hell).  So I kinda expected to be hungrier than usual.  And MAN, I am.  Ugh.  At least if I stay true, I should see a nice drop from all the metabolic stuff that goes on. 

Wish us luck on getting away!


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