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Goalz: A Puzzler

To my mind, there are two kinds of goals.  There are “milestone” goals – sort of where you want to go – and there are “behavior” goals – things you want to do/not do every day that will eventually get you to the milestone goals.

My behavior goals list is easy enough.  Every day, I am:

1. Taking vitamin

2. Drinking 100+ oz of water

3. Eating the noms (at appropriate times)

4. Eating a healthy “lean & green” meal

5. NOT drinking alcohol (“no wine”)

6. NOT complaining or giving myself negative self talk (“no whine”)

7.  [exercise goal goes here shortly]

The Milestone Goal(s) are harder for me.  I don’t really know what a good weight for me is.  The insurance charts suggest something around 105 lbs.  Wowza.  Maybe I will wind up that low, but back when I was really healthy, in great shape, and looked good (in retrospect) I weighed about 125-130.  I had a lot of muscle, which as we all know, weighs heavier, so maybe that was it?  Anyway, I am pretty sure I will be very happy by 125, if not before.  I was already wearing a 12 petite with many more pounds than that, and let’s face it, it’s all about the clothes for me. 🙂  (12 petite is that magic size where they almost always carry your size for suits.)

So what I have decided is to do this in “chunks.”  No pun intended. 🙂 

Phase 1 is from where I started to where I was about 2 weeks after Baby No. 2 – after all the actual baby and water was gone.  To get there means going down (from start) exactly 45 lbs.  I am 17 lbs down so far!

Phase 2 is from post-baby No. 2 to pre-baby No. 1, which is another 50 lbs.  I thought about going post-baby to post-baby, but the difference is just 8 lbs, and that 8 lbs smaller weight is the smallest I got to before pregnancy struck.  And admittedly the nice even 50 lb number appeals to me. 🙂

Phase 3 is figuring out where I go from there.  I am pretty sure I will want to lose another 70 lbs or so, which is scary.  So I will just think about it in terms of these nice managable chunks.  🙂


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  1. I know WW does a 10 percent goal and then after you reach that you decide on your next goals. Maybe Phase 3 needs to be broken up into 10lbs pieces so you can evaluate how you feel about it at each step? You are doing great! It really is one week at a time.

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