in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Kitteh’s Plan

Well, I already talked about the fact that I have a new VM and am actually sleeping.  Given that I have only had five nights of sleep so far (and only two unbroken by my 21 month old), I am absolutely astounded how much better I feel already.  I am practically bouncin kitteh!  I feel like I am breathing deeper all day, not just at night.  And I am waking up hungry, which I think is a reflection on how much better my metabolism is functioning.

I also already told you about teh Noms.  So right now my plan is to do the Noms for at least a year, or to goal weight, whatever that may turn out to be.  (In other words, if I reach a point where I am happy and healthy and feel very fit before then, we’ll see.)  I felt like it was important to give myself a definite “end point” or at least “decision point” and then NOT revisit the Noms until that point. 

I decided to track my progress with a five day running average on Excel.  In the past, I usually weighed myself every day, wrote it on a calendar I post in my bathroom, and then average it once a week.  As long as the weekly average was going down, I felt like I was fine.  This method has the ADvantage of letting me weigh every day but not make me too cranky over the random variations.  It has the DISadvantage of keeping me anxious until the end of the week.  I read about this running average stuff in the geek diet (I’d link it if I knew how, but you can Google it).  All the gratification of weighing every day, all the positive vibes of watching to see if the AVERAGE is going down daily, none of the waiting.  I stink at waiting, so this is good.

Excel also lets you do a trend line, and lots of fun analyses, etc.  So far, I have not done that – not that much in the way of data to play with. 🙂  But I am pleased to report that my running average is on a nice steady and relatively steep southward slope. Hurray!

So my plan is to get the first 20-30 lbs off before I attempt the gym again, basically to avoid wrecking my knee AGAIN.  I’m 16.5 down so far and can REALLY tell a difference in the knee.  I am HOPING to hit the 20 lb down mark this week or next.

So the plan. Right.  The plan is to

1.  Nom the (packaged) Noms for five meals a day, plus a “lean and green.”  I have been getting in only 3 or 4, so right now I am making an effort to get up and get started eating. 🙂  Ironic, yes? But I think that will help the metabolism.

2.  Decrease the cream in my coffee over the next month to zero.  (I like my coffee black just fine, but it takes getting used to, so I am knocking it down a bit every day.  May hit zero in a lot less than a month, we’ll see.)

3.  Weigh every day, monitor five day running average.

4.  Start cutting out the extra calories I was allowing in (non diet dressings, etc.) so that I can speed up the progress.

5.  Start a 15-20 min daily work out (like the 1 mile Walk Away the Pounds DVD or some of the on demand stuff) this week – shooting for 5 miles/week to start with, again, just to speed things up until I can get more seriouser.

I’m also drinking water, crystal lite and herbal teas (uncaffienated ones) like a fiend as usual.

So tomorrow, I am going to talk about GOAL WEIGHTS and why they are such a puzzler to me!


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