in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

After my wonderous visit with the sleep doc, and the subsequent Ordering Of the Noms, I wound up going one week after that first appointment for my first sleep study. It was, as expected, horrific. I don’t sleep well anyway these days, even without being strapped to a billion electrodes and having a canula in my nose. Adding to the fun, I seriously twisted my knee just before I had to head over there, and it was swollen and throbbing and I was temporarily on crutches. To add insult to injury (literally), I asked if there were any feathers in the suspiciously fluffy looking bed, and was assured that there were not. This was a lie. One pillow and the big duvet were both feathery little time bombs. Within a little while of being in bed, my nose was so stuffed that canula or not, I was breathin totally through my mouth.

I gritted my teeth and semi-dozed my way through the night, figuring at least I would show up as “needing” intervention, yes?

When I got home, I had my new Noms and I got started on the Food Plan and waited for the results. I had them a week later (now two weeks from that first visit).

So it turns out that 0-5 episodes of apnea per hour per night (where you stop breathing for some period of time) is normal. (I know, right?!) 5-10 per hour is mild to moderate, and by 20 or so you are “severe.” As the respiratory therapist told me later, I score in an all new category she calls “holy cow get her in here.” I stopped breathing, on average, about 154 times per hour. That’s only more than twice per minute, huh? So yeah. No wonder (a) I am so stinkin tired all the time; (b) I am in a haze where I feel about to fall asleep at first opportunity; and (c) I am having so much trouble getting this weight off. I apparently was spending the vast majority of the night pumping cortisol into my bloodstream and diligently turning any stored glucose from my liver into body fat. Lovely.

Needless to say, I also was not getting ANY REM sleep – my brain was literally deprived of rest – and NO “stage 3” slow wave sleep. I spent the entire night at S1 and S2 and awake. Bleh. To say “not healthy” is an understatement. It also puts a huge strain on your heart.

So they made me an appointment for the NEXT sleep study, in which they hook you up to everything but the canula again, and let you wear a CPAP Vader Mask, and see how you “tolerate” the machine. They also figure out what pressure of airflow you need to keep your airway unobstructed. Took ANOTHER week to get in for that study, so we were at 3 weeks from the first appointment and 2 since I started the NomPlan. I was down about 12.5 lbs already.

Given that this time I knew to avoid the feathers, and managed not to start the night by crunching my knee, I was already doing better. I had high hopes of at least dozing my usual level of dozing for the second study. To my astonishment, they hooked that sucker up, turned it on, and WHAM I was asleep in just a few minutes and stayed that way pretty much for six hours or so. Gentle Reader, you have NO IDEA how amazing that was. I actually WOKE UP ON MY OWN six hours later, and while I was still physically tired, I was more alertaliveawakeenthusiastic than I have been in… years?

My follow up appointment was to be one week later. Then, because it was so busy at the RT, I was going to have to wait another TWO WEEKS to get my own device. This made me teh angrehs and the sadface. I called literally twice a day every day and gradually got it moved closer and closer, so that by the day of my follow up (the 18th), I had moved it up to one week later.

When I went to my follow up, I got to see my two studies. Brain waves iz intrestin. And on the Vader Mask, I was suddenly experiencing REM AND S3 sleep – no wonder I felt better. 🙂 Best of all, the clinician was horrified to hear that they hadn’t made my appointment for the device already, and called over to RT. RT was likewise horrified and got me in RIGHT THEN! So instead of waiting another week, I had my own Vader Mask (VM) THAT VERY NIGHT and have been Rockin the Z’s for the last two.

Don’t want to sound craziness, but I think that having two nights of sleep COULD BE that excitement about getting sleep is related to my having managed to finally start this blog. 😛 I KNOW it is related to my ability to actually post coherently the last couple days.

So to review: Shrinkin Kitteh is short and doomed to sleep badly, at least until weight is gone, unless +VM. Acquired VM. HAPPY KITTEH!!

Today is Friday, and as anyone who knows me IRL can tell you, I don’t doez computerz on weekends if I can avoidz it. 😛 So on Monday, I will tell you all about Shrinkin Kitteh’s Plan To Conquer All Excess Fluff and solicit feedback on same. 🙂

Hugs and happy weekend to all!!


Comments on: "Shrinkin Kitteh is Sleepin – YAYZ!" (4)

  1. Yay for VM! What kind do you have? I told you the hubs got one a few months ago too, yeah? He started out with the kind that rests on the bridge of the nose, but after 3 days and an actual SORE on the nose from the mast, he went back and got one that goes over his entire face. It’s working better, but he still wakes up quite a bit because it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes he takes it off all together. But since he’s gotten it, I’ve heard him snore one whole time (and it was on an occasion where he’d taken the mask off, of course) and it was a teensy tiny little snore that I could totally go back to sleep without kicking him repeatedly to get him to stop. Yay for sleep!

    • I have the nose only and so far no problem! I read before I got mine that the more severe your apnea the less uncomfortable you perceive mask to be, which makes sense. I hardly notice it (an thankfully no sores!!! Ouchie!)

      I wish I had listened to DH and done this a year ago! And I don’t mind telling him! Ha!

      Julie K. Bracker

  2. I am so glad things are getting better!

  3. […] when I just “don’t feel like” working out. So does exhaustion, although the Mask has helped enormously with that and it is more a matter of having the discipline to go to bed at a […]

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